• James C Byrne artist

Loose canvas aaahh

Have a few paintings on the go these days but tripped over a nice piece of canvas in the tiny room that is currently called lovingly "the studio",

So I figured nice one :) I can use it for a prep painting I have been meaning to do for ages of the race horse "walk in the park" and that would leave me nicely busy working away on a number of paintings and I might even finish them, chuckle chuckle , but let me just  say ..... AAAAaaahhhh I don't like loose canvas and to top it off now I really gotta go finish this prep painting of walk in the park because I kinda love how its coming along regardless of the fact it's driving me slightly mad, it falls off the wall,it slips from the easel and would you believe I am on my hands and knees arguing with shadows.....I don't like loose canvas.

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