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 This guy is a preliminary painting I am currently working on,I may have mentioned that some time ago I got to go meet the stallion"walk in the park"in one of the local studs,Grange stud fermoy. The worst thing ,the two cameras I brought with me stopped working for reasons I still don't understand,it was the only time and as much as I complain about mobile phones I was never so happy to have it as the few pictures I got from that visit were on my phone, now every time I see those pictures I see how bad they are but what they are good for is that memory response,straight away you see him like it was twenty minutes ago and the swagger and attitude that just ripples from this stallion this rockstar, walk in the park,he is the red the crimson and I Just gotta say when I get to meet horses that are that self aware it is electric with a crackle and the scary energy that hits you like a wave is the reason to paint them to try get that raw Beauty on canvas and maybe someone will see it and get a flavour of the feeling that I got.

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