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Painting's hanging at the Brown Morel Restaurant .

This is Eddie , he is the chef and owner of the Brown Morel Restaurant in Newcastle West county Limerick. Eddie is a nice guy and runs a beautiful restaurant with great food, great service and a great atmosphere. His so nice in fact that he has a number of my paintings hanging on the walls of his restaurant......

Now due to sales I will be hanging a number of paintings again to replace and add to the paintings that Eddie has hanging and hopefully add to the atmosphere and customer enjoyment at the Brown Morel Restaurant...,so if you are in the area call in and say Hi to Eddie and get a taste of the place .

Some of the paintings being added to the walls...

So once again Thank you Eddie at the Brown Morel Restaurant , Newcastle West county Limerick.

#paintingoncanvas #brownmorel #restaurant #limerick #abstractexpression #fineart

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