• James C Byrne artist

Some paintings just won't leave you alone....

This painting which is oil on board and measures 4 ft by nearly 5 ft. I began this painting nearly a year ago with high energy and certainty, after putting it aside for a couple of weeks to work on a number of other paintings when I got back to it , it was as if someone hung up on a phone call that you were in the middle of and the silence just grew from there. Every attempt to get back to it was useless, connection lost so eventually I threw it in the Skip a real Skip but a week later after every day of that week looking out the window at it and feeling guilty I had to go out there and bring it into the house. So here we are.....some paintings just won't leave you alone, I hope we kiss and make up and are able to bring things along to happy ever after .let's hope 🤯

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