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The art of not thinking

I got into the art studio today for the day, this seldom happens and I found myself conjuring up so many other things that I should do before I get started with the painting. So I did the right thing and made myself a nice mug of black coffee with two sugars and stirred well and began to think away all other potential chores that suddenly popped up for my attention.

So I eventually got into the studio and began working on one of the paintings and it started again, thinking of excuses good and not so good to the point where I was clearly not focused on the task at hand, this is two hours...... in what the hell ?so ,I had to change something so of course I made myself another mug of coffee and tried really hard to zone out of everything but the painting.

It worked and I got over five hours straight on the painting , I don't like to over plan or overthink what I put on canvas , I get a loose sketch and its more about acting on the idea , if I take the time to plan everything out in detail I seem to lose the connection to the initial spark the energy of the idea is gone. That said ,now I'm looking at the progress and I have to say, it's not much but little is better than none and I still want to see them finished.

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